Md. Sadik Al Hadi

Designation: Head of Operations

Certifications:B.Sc.(Engg.), M.Sc.(Engg.)

Career summary:
He started his journey through a reputed power solutions company. He has served there for about nine years in various significant positions while dealing with the most sophisticated projects with various market leaders.
During this tenure he has achieved various training in homeland as well as abroad. Some of these are line interactive UPS brand Socomec and Ablerex (range 600 VA to 2000 VA), online UPS brand Socomec, G-Tech and Ablerex (range 1000VA to 4800KVA), Dynamic Energy Storage System brand Socomec (range 60 to 500 KVA), IT Switch (Electronic Transfer Systems) brand Socomec (range 16 to 40 A), LTM (Static Transfer Systems) brand Socomec (range 30 to 4800A), Harmonic Equalizers brand Socomec (range 15 to 240A), Rectifiers brand Socomec (range 7.5 to 600A), Communication Software (UPS and Battery management solutions from Socomec and Ablerex), Industrial graded Automatic Voltage Regulator brand IREM, Wort Ford Control & Powerex (range 1000 VA to 6000KVA), Transient Voltage Surge Suppression brand Rayvoss, Precession Air Conditioning System brand CITEC (range Air Cooling 30kW to 95kW, Chilled water Cooling 35kW to 120kW, Water Cooled Cooling 30kW to 95kW).
He has leaded a large team very efficiently for various technical projects based on power solutions. Mostly he was involved in the projects of Telco industry, Banking Sector, Radio and TV channels and with some other MNCs and FMGGs.

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