Repairing Services

In case of equipment, machine or electrical devices have something wrong or out of order by unknown causes or unsure what the causes of electrical problems are. Though, we have the Proper measuring equipment to measure and analyze the power problems of electrical problems on site by free of charge.

When the equipment, machine or electrical devices is default or can not operate, it should be taken to repair and solve problems. Therefore, for more comfortable and fast service to customer . Please, do it step by step as following.
1) Preparing the important details. The customer can prepare the details of equipment, machine or electrical devices by look at the information on warranty card or nameplate on product as these items follows

Power Rating
Serial Number
2) Inform the fault condition of stabilizer.
3) Request to repair the mention equipment. Customer can inform to our services division by the comfortable contact as follows.
By telephone number: +8801841068390
By e- mail:
By transportation service
Customer who lives in province can send, but not over weight equipments and please include your complete details to our office by transportation service such as; The transport Company or Individual Transport Service, and then transport to:

By Owner walk-in
Customer can bring the light weight equipments by hands to our office at office hours on Saturday to Thursday during time at 9:00 am to 6.30 pm. After our services personnel got the details from customer, and then we will contact for making an appointment to repairs or take the broken equipment.