Battery Cabinet or Rack

Our Battery Cabinets are designed for the professional installation of systems requiring battery storage. They meet the requirements of standby battery storage for battery backup and allow for easy access and maintenance of the batteries. The cabinets also assist against unnecessary power drain, interference or degeneration of the battery. Efficiently design for large amount of battery accommodation. Customer can order customized battery cabinet. It’s foot print are very compact and preventing mechanical injury or damage to other equipment.

Standard features:

  • 16/18 Gauge MS Sheet
  • Customer can select the color and color method.
  • EMT conduit knockouts
  • Small Footprint



The Battery Rack allows for elevated, easy access of your batteries. The rack supports are adjustable to accommodate a variety of battery sizes. Field proven durable design and heavy gauge metal construction compliment your professional installation.

Standard features:

  • 16/18 Gauge MS Sheet
  • Color and color method can be selected by customer
  • Assembly hardware included
  • Adjustable battery rack supports
  • Mounts to floor and adjacent rack